At the 16th Annual Meeting of JTRA, D3 Kazuki Sakata won the Annual Award.
We welcomed new undergraduates and graduates students to Seika Laboratory.
Ryota Futamata applied for a degree by presenting a thesis.
At the 1st Meeting of the JTRA Kansai, M1 Yukina Tsuji won the Presentation Award.
Mito Kuroda was appointed to the assistant professor.
Ryota Futamata’s paper “Live Cell FRET Analysis of the Conformational Changes of Human P-glycoprotein.”was accepted to bio-protocol.
Hiromitsu Nakato's paper "ABCA13 dysfunction associated with psychiatric disorders causes impaired cholesterol trafficking."was accepted to Journal of Biological Chemistry.
Assistant professor Yasuhisa Kimura was appointed to the associate professor.
At the 15th Annual Meeting of the JTRA, M2 Satoshi Takahashi won the Presentation Award.
Kyoko Takata's paper "Stiffness of the extracellular matrix regulates differentiation into beige adipocytes."was accepted to Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications